Pinto — Ages 7- 8

In the Pinto Division, the emphasis is upon the players continuing to learn the fundamentals of the game in an organized, but fun and forgiving, setting. It is "coach-pitch", with regular hard baseballs used during games. The teams field 10 players (4 outfielders) at a time, while the batting order consists of all team members.

There is an evaluation to assess each player's skill level and help to develop evenly-balanced teams. This is not a try-out; all players will be placed on a team. Priority for placing players on teams will be balance among the teams, not requests to play with friends. All practices and games are scheduled to take place in Piedmont.

Typically, all teams participate in playoffs at the end of the season.

Expected Skill Level at Beginning of Season

At this level, players need not be experienced, but they are expected to want to participate and show a willingness to learn.

Team Commitment

  • Practice—One 1.5-hour practice per week.
  • Games—One 6 inning game per week consisting of a 30 minute pre-game warm-up and approximately 1.5 hours of game time.

Playing Time and Position Rotation

  • Players will play at least one infield and one outfield position each game.
  • No player shall sit out 1 defensive inning more than any other player on the team.

Skill Building Goals—The overall season goal is to prepare the player for the next divisional level (Mustang). This includes:

  1. Learning the basic rules of baseball.
  2. Demonstrating infield and outfield "ready" positions.
  3. Fielding grounders and fly balls properly.
  4. Using proper throwing grip.
  5. Using proper overhand throwing motion.
  6. Having success at playing catch (catching and hitting target accurately 90% of time) from at least 30 feet.
  7. Showing proper batting stance and swing mechanics.
  8. Exhibiting high success of hitting pitches from the coach.
  9. Executing appropriate baseball running skills, including running through 1st base, following base coach instruction, proper sliding, holding up on fly balls, and avoidance of running into tags. Stealing bases is not allowed.
  10. Demonstrating teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for all players, coaches and umpires.

Overlay Team

To provide the option for a higher level of competition without changing the nature of the Piedmont league, a small number of second year Pinto players are invited to participate on a Piedmont’s U8 tournament team over the Memorial Day weekend. Invitations from the league to play on the Overlay Team will be made mid-season and are based primarily on Pinto evaluations. The Overlay Team does not conflict with any regular Piedmont league games and only players participating fully in the spring season can participate.

Team Pts W%